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Hedley’s Gunner is a non-alcoholic drink to quench any thirst.

A fusion of ginger, lime, lemon and bitters with a light spicy kick to it. Served chilled, over ice or simply with a twist of lime.

Hedleys Original Gunner is low in sugar and uses natural flavourings. It includes both ginger and gentian extract. It is non-alcoholic, gluten free, vegan friendly and it has no preservatives.


Zingy spice and full of antioxidants.

Fresh lime

Citrus dash full of vitamin C.


Juicy and flavoursome to enhance the citrus flavour.


Botanical gentian extract adds to this delicious blend for a depth of flavour and bittersweet taste.

Hedleys was created for two reasons. Firstly, out of love for a drink that is rare to find and that deserves wider recognition. Secondly, to offer the public better choice.

Beyond that, we believe the most important thing in life is creating great memories you’ll remember forever. Wherever you are in the world, we hope Hedleys will be by your side for those moments. This inspired us to begin our journey and to create the perfect gunner for you.

We hope you will try it, enjoy it and share it - we hope it will put a smile on your lips.

The Journey

19th Century
The Gunner was first created in the Far East – Hong Kong – in the 19th century and became known as "the only real Hong Kong cocktail".
Hidden Gem
The drink went onto become popular in other parts of Asia such as Singapore and India before being brought across the seas to England. Here it has remained a hidden gem.
This heritage remains important to us. That is why the junk ship – also known as Aqua Luna – which is symbolic to Hong Kong & its skyline is the logo for Hedleys. It represents both the history and journey the drink has made from Asia to Europe.

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